Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2017-18  
Didactic activities and academic terms

  • 30th October : beginning of the didactic acitivities;
  • 17th February: end of the winter term;
  • 5th March : beginning of the spring term;
  • 16th June: end of the lessons time.

Didactic suspension periods

  • From December 23rd to January 7th (both included) for Christmas holidays;
  • From February 19th to March 3rd (both included) for winter session of exams;
  • From March 29th to April 4th (both included) for Easter Holidays.

Further holidays

  • 1st November: national, religious holiday (All Saint’s Day);
  • 8th December; national, religious holiday (Immaculate Conception);
  • 25th April: national holiday (Anniversary of the Liberation)
  • 1st May: national, civil holiday (Worker’s Day);
  • 2nd June: national, civil holiday (Anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic);
  • 10th June: local, religious holiday (St. Massimo’s Day, the city’s patron saint );
  • 15th August: national, religious holiday (The Assumption of the Madonna).

Examination sessions

  • From February 19th to March 3rd 2018: winter session (3rd of the a.y. 2016-17); 7th, 8th and 9th of March: thesis;
  • From June 18th to June 30th 2018: summer session (1st of the a.y. 2017-18); 4th, 5th of July: thesis;
  • From September 10th to September 22nd 2018: autumn session (2nd of the a.y.2017-18); 26th and 27th of September: thesis.