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Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca


Via Leonardo da Vinci s.n.c. – 67100 L’Aquila   Tel. 0862/317360-80  Fax 0862/317370
e-mail: – Internet:


Name of the Institution Accademia di Belle Arti di L’Aquila – Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila
Country Italy
Erasmus Code I L-AQUIL03
Eche EPLUS2020-ACR-101012772
PIC 949575875
OID E10102369
Head of the Institution Prof. Maria D’ALESIO  (Director)
Erasmus Institutional Coordinator Prof. Barbara DRUDI,
Front office staff Patrizia DI MARCO GASBARRE, Responsible,

Nadia PEZZETTA, Erasmus  Students Referent,

Marialoreta COLAIANNI, International Students (no Erasmus) Referent ,

Erasmus/International Relations office (opening) The Office is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11.00 to 13.00
Address Accademia di Belle Arti – Academy of Fine Arts

Erasmus Office

Via Leonardo da Vinci, n. 6/B – 67100 L’Aquila – Italy

Phone + 39-(0)862-317380 (central ph n.)
Application deadlines 31 May for the first semester or the full year

30 November for the second semester

Application Form Required (download the application form)
Learning agreement Required (download the application form)
Portfolio Required (digital portfolio)
Letter of motivation Required
Sending by e-mail to ;
Admission criteria: Applicants will be selected on the basis of :   the complete application documents,  the chosen study programm,  the portfolio and the balance between incoming /outgoing students (reciprocity of exchanges).
Acceptance Each student will receive individual acceptance documents, by e-mail, within two weeks or, at the latest, within a month after the deadline.

Since  the  courses are mostly articulated on the whole academic year, it is strongly suggested to have an Erasmus stay here for this  whole period.

As concerns the course of Restoration, due to the particular organization of the practical lessons, only applications for the whole academic year can be accepted.

Please take into consideration that for  the students who apply for the Restoration courses, a rigorous selection is foreseen,  due to the limited number of available places. It’s strongly recommended a very high knowledge of the Italian language (B1 at least) besides, the applicant are requested to send a Curriculum containing the works made during the previous study period  and the competences, acquired on practical activities of Restoration. In our Academy the students work on Archeological goods, protected by the Cultural and Archeological State Authorities, so incoming students can practically work on these goods only if they can demonstrate preceding specific competences, which will be examinated by the Coordinator of the course or by the Director.

Letter for the incoming students Download
Attention! All classes are in Italian and the attendance of all the courses is strongly  compulsory
General Courses Catalogue Download
Academic Calendar Download
Courses/lessons schedule Download
ECTS and Grading System Download
Recommended language skills Students mobility : it’s strongly recommended a level B1, both for Italian  and for  English languages

Staff mobility: it’s strongly recommended a level B2, for English    or   for Italian  language

Additional requirements Exchange students are invited to attend free Italian classes in L’Aquila, organized by the Academy itself,  with the cooperation of other administrations,  in order to improve their linguistic competences
The Italian University and Academic system is based on  3 + 2 years courses (first level and second one):


1st  cycle/level = 3 years (Triennio = undergraduate, BA)

2nd  cycle /level = 2 years (Biennio = postgraduate, MA)

2nd cycle one level course in Restoration (quinquennio = postgraduate, MA)


The Academy of Fine Arts of  L’Aquila offers the following Main courses:

  • DECORATION   (1st and 2nd level)
  • GRAPHICS – COMICS (1st level)
  • GRAPHICS – ILLUSTRATION (1st and 2nd level)
  • GRAPHICS – MULTIMEDIA (1st and 2nd level)
  • FASHION AND COSTUME (1st level)
  • PAINTING (1st and 2nd level)
  • PAINTING – VISUAL ART (2nd level)
  • PHOTOGRAPHY (1st and 2nd level)
  • SCENOGRAPHY (1st and 2nd level)
  • SCULPTURE (1st and 2nd level)
  • RESTORATION (one five course level)


Please take into consideration that  the Erasmus students can choose classes in different main courses of the same level degree, in order to arrange their optimal planes of study and to update their Learning Agreement,  in the section “During the mobility”, within the first month of their Erasmus stay.  Normally, the students who have attended a three years   course (at least) at their  own University can be admitted to attend the second level courses in our Academy.




In order to find an accommodation, the incoming students are invited to keep in touch with the local Erasmus Students network (ESN L’Aquila), at the following address:

On the base of a specific Agreement with this Association, ESN L’Aquila – AQUILASMUS, which is the local Association of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) ITALIA,  helps the incoming Erasmus students to find a provisional and/or a final accommodation and, besides, to solve other practical problems involving logistics and to fit themselves into Academy and town contexts. Info: . Internet: ;


It can be very helpful to consult the AQUILASMUS – ESN L’AQUILA Welcome Message.

The attendance of the courses is mandatory. The Erasmus students, once decided the courses which they want to put in their Learning Agreements, must attend all the lessons concerning the chosen courses, in order to obtain the  needed  and agreed number of credits and, consequently, to have the opportunity to be admitted to the exams.

In our Academy the prevailing part of the courses spreads out  for  the whole academic year; that means the ideal time to spend for an Erasmus experience is that period. The students who choose to spend  only one semester (with the exception of the Restoration courses students) have to  consider the half of the annual number of credits on their preliminary Learning Agreements;  once arrived in our Institution, they can agree with each professor on  the possibility to obtain , with an intensification of the didactic work, the whole amount of credits and the consequent opportunity to give the related exams.

For the Erasmus student of Restoration, only applications for the whole academic year can be accepted.