European Union Students

European Union Students

Students from a European Union Country have access to the Academy without quota limits, if they have a valid qualification, just as the Italian Students.


  • enroll to the first cycle (diploma accademico di primo livello) and to single-cycle (a ciclo unico) degree courses. It is required to have a final secondary education qualification, obtained after at least 12 scholastic study years;
  • enroll to the second cycle (diploma accademico di secondo livello) degree courses. The student must possess a first cycle academic qualification issued by an university. The qualification must be compatible with the chosen path.



To obtain the admission to the first cycle courses of the Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila, students must sustain an entrance exam.

In order to apply to the entrance exam, students must follow an online procedure and submit the following documents:

  • degree with its official translation and legalization;
  • on-the-spot declaration of value attesting to possession of the requested access permit;
  • “Diploma Supplement” if possessed.

Students applying for a second cycle course (diploma accademico di secondo livello) are not required to take the admission test, if the first level degree course can be considered compatible with the chosen path.



Once passed the admission test, students can be enrolled in the Academy. The enrolment must be made by an online procedure.




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