Other Information (Health, Tax code, Permit of stay)


The Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale) is used for identification of the citizens in  Italian territory and is necessary for the  relations with the authorities and the public administrations but,  also, in order to make use of several services, such as bank accounts , Italian cards for mobile phones, and so on.

It can be requested, with a valid identity document, to the offices of   “Agenzia delle entrate, Ufficio Rilascio Codici Fiscali”, which in L’Aquila is located in Via Filomusi Guelfi, near Via XX Settembre, one of the most famous street of the town; phone number 0862 6481.  The Fiscal code is   immediatly issued.

Italy has a public health care system named National Health Service (NHS); it’s articulated in  Local Health Areas (ASL – Azienda sanitaria Locale).

As concerns the European Community students, they have to  come in Italy provided with the European Health Insurance card,  which in Italian is called TEAM (Tessera Europea di Assicurazione Malattia). This card allows to obtain the necessary care for their  health in the same way as Italian citizens: doctors connected with the public health system, admission to hospital, first aid.  Please take into consideration  that each service foresees the payment of a fee (ticket), as for the Italian people. In case the student  doesn’t bring the TEAM card, he has to pay the whole cost of the service.

For non Community citizens is strongly recommended to take out an appropriate insurance policy for health risks.  In any case,  they can enroll themselves to the National Health Service, by the payment of a tax of € 149,77 for each solar year; they have also to bring to the Office in charge   copies of :  Identity document,  Permit of Stay in Italy, Fiscal Code, Certificate of enrollment to our Academy, receipt of the payment of the above mentioned tax.

Anyway, once arrived in our Institute, the students can obtain furhter information by the office in charge for the Healts Services for foreign people, which is located in: Edificio ex ONPI, Via Cardinale Mazzarino, località Torrione, L’Aquila. This Office is the same which manages the enrolment   to the National Health Service (Azienda Sanitaria Locale – Ufficio scelta e revoca del medico); phone number 0862 368937.


The Erasmus incoming students have the opportunity to make use of the main University Caffetteria and to have full meals at the price of  about 3,00 Euros, by using a card, issued by the local A.D.S.U. (Enterprise for University Students Rights and Services). The caffetteria is very near to the Academy.

If the student is a non Community citizen  and is already  been acepted by the Academy of Fine Arts  of L’Aquila, as a student,  for a period of over 90 days, he  must ask  for a Permit of Stay, within 8 days  starting from the  arrival in Italy. The request has to be made  through a kit of documents, which the student can obtain and fill in with the help of the assistance offices of ACLI Association, which are located     just    near  the Academy, at the address Via Leonardo da Vinci, 10 (www.aclilaquila.it).

The offices are open from Monday to Friday as follow:   from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 17:30.  In order to complete the kit, the student has to bring with him:

  • A tax stamp (marca da bollo) of 16,00 Euros;
  • The passport and the copies of its stamped and written pages;
  • A copy of the insurance document, for covering healt and accident risks;
  • A copy of the acceptance letter issued by the Academy, approved by the Italian Embassy.

The student  has to communicate the  Italian address, too.

  • Once filled in the documents contained in the kit, the student  must hand it at a Postal Office, in order to post the  request and obtain an appointment for the   signalling at the local Police Station.
  • The costs to sustain are:
  • € 30,00 for the sending of the kit by post;
  • € 30,46 as a tax to pay through a postal payment form.
  • There is a postal office near the Academy, in Via Leonardo da Vinci, just in front of the Academy.
  • The post office will issue a receipt of the received documents. This receipt is very important for the student, since it attests that he has presented the needed documents in order to have the permit of stay.

After the sending of the kit, the student has to wait the calling for the appointment finalized to obtain the permit itself.  It’s very important to respect the appointment which will fixed.  At the appointment with the Police operators, it’s necessary to bring:

  • a copy of the documents of the kit,
  • a certificate which attests the enrolment to the Academy,
  • 4 identical photos,
  • the receipt obtained by the post office,
  • the letter concerning the convocation;
  • a copy of lease contract or communication (contratto di affitto) of the provisional place of stay (comunicazione di ospitalità).


It’s very important, in order to avoid useless convocations,  that the full name of the student is evident on the entryphone and on the letter box of the flat he has indicated as the address where  he wants to receive  communications; plase take into consideration that if the  address  should  in the meantime change, the student has  to communicate this  to the Police, with a recorded delivery letter, in order to allow the sending of  the convocation to the updated address.

  • Plese remind that:
  • You have to keep the receipt which the postal office gives you until the issue of the Perimit of Stay, since it allows to proof that you have already  requested the permit itself;
  • You have to give this document to the Secretary of the Academy, in order to complete your enrolment
  • procedure and to give also a copy of the permit of stay, once obtained.

Other Information (Health, Tax code, Permit of stay) (PDF)