Letter for the incoming students

Letter for the incoming students (PDF)

Dear student,

First of all we wish to thank you for your interest in our Academy. If you are interested in making an Erasmus stay here,  you can send, by e-mail, a scanned version of the forms we’re enclosing to you with all the information on them required (period of stay, courses in which you’re interested in, etc.); the forms must be filled in for all their  parts and must be signed by the applying student  and by the home Institution Responsible.  A portfolio  will be also appreciated (only electronic  version).

The deadline for the applications is May  31st for the fall term and for the whole academic year and November  30th for the second term.

You must know that our academic organization, complying  with the European system, is articulated in two levels of study: the first one consists of 3 years  courses and the second one consists of 2 years specialization courses (3+2 didactic system). We also have a new defined five years course of Restoration (one cycle).

You will find our complete  didactic offer on the following web page:


Once you have defined  the courses you would like to attend here, please  indicate them in the provided part of  the Learning Agreement “before the Mobility”; obviously it can only be a preliminary description, as the official and final  Learning Agreement can  be arranged  soon after your coming here. The preliminary sending of the Learning Agreement  will be necessary in order  to let us understand the field of study in which you are interested in and if we can accept your didactic proposal. In any case, the final Learning Agreement will be approved within the first month of your Erasmus stay here, soon after the official  choice of the courses you want to attend.

Our Academic year normally  starts  on November the 1st and  the lessons start on November the 2nd, but every year the   date of starting of the a.y. can  bring forward in October  by the Academic Council, so it’s   opportune to look at the updated academic  calendar e during the summer preceding the leaving : https://uri.abaq.it/relazioni-internazionali-extra-erasmus/academic-calendar/

The Academy normally organize free courses of Italian language, of different levels, in order to help the incoming students to improve their language competences. The attendance of these courses is strongly recommended, since the academic courses are given in Italian. Anyway, the incoming students are asked for communicating  their interest in  enrolling  themselves  and attending the  free Italian language courses.
Please also consider that our didactic activities are  articulated in two semesters: the first term  normally ends   at the end of February, when  the second one starts; the lessons time normally  ends at the middle of June, when our summer session of exams  starts too. Anyway, since our courses are mostly articulated on the whole academic year, it is strongly suggested to have an Erasmus stay here for this  whole period. As concerns the course of Restoration, due to the particular organization of the practical lessons, only applications for the whole academic year can be accepted.

We wish to inform you that it  is strongly recommended to come here with a sufficient knowledge   of Italian (a B1 level is suggested), which can allow you to attend the lessons.

Please take into consideration that our Academy has an Agreement with the local Erasmus Student Network, an Association, called AQUILASMUS, which helps the  incoming students to find an accommodation and to solve practical problems for the first period of mobility; the students can reach it at the following e-mail addresses: housing@esnlaquila.it , info@esnlaquila.it ;  the web site is www.esnlaquila.it

Hoping that this  will be  enough for you, we  wish to send you our  warmest   regards.

Patrizia DI MARCO and Nadia PEZZETTA
International Relations Office  Staff
Academy of Fine Arts
Via Leonardo Da Vinci
67100 L’AQUILA   –  ITALY
tel 0039 (0)862 317360-80
web site:  www.abaq.it ;      www.uri.abaq.it
e-mail:     erasmus@abaq.it  ;    segreteria@abaq.it