Letter to Erasmus applicants 2020-21

Dear Partners, dear students,

due to the COVID19 pandemic restrictions, our Institute at present can’t guarantee, both to the Italian students and to the Erasmus ones, the physical attendance of the lessons, for the first months of the next academic year at least.

The situation is under evolution, but at present the National rules still foresee such restrictions.

The National Erasmus Agency, besides, at present suggest, for the next academic year, a “blended mobility”, which means a mobility starting in a virtual modality and continuing in a physical one, when it will be possible.

In consideration of that, our Institute will process the incoming Erasmus students’ applications and, in case of their approval, will accept the students at the upon described conditions.

Due to the particolar situation, the deadline for the applications related to the first semester and to the whole academic year, already fixed on May 31st, is posponed at June 20th.

Obviously, for the students who need to attend the practical courses (laboratories) is strongly recommended to apply for the second semester or for the whole academic year, taking into consideration, in this last case, that for the first months at least the attendance will/could be in an online modality.

Anyway, the circumstances can be periodically re-defined, in full obedience of National and International updated rules.
For general information, please look at https://uri.abaq.it web page.

Hoping that the situation will fast positively evolve, we wish to send all of you our best regards.

The Erasmus Academic Staff

Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila, Italy
www.abaq.it; https://uri.abaq.it