Free course in Italian language and culture

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has created the “ItaliAmo” App, a free course in Italian language and A1 level culture for iOS and Android devices. The aim of the course is to offer a new interactive tool for teaching Italian and promoting Italian cultural and productive excellences abroad.

The course, available for free on Google Play and the App Store, is structured in ten stages set in as many Italian cities and regions and is built as a journey to discover Italy together with Leo and Lisa, two characters that recall Leonardo da Vinci and Monna Lisa with a modern twist. Each stage is in turn divided into four sections: dialogue, expressions, exercises, culture. Currently in English and Chinese, the App will be translated by the end of the year in the main foreign languages.

Through the App, the user can interactively learn the basics of the Italian language and discover at the same time the artistic and cultural richness of our country and also the excellence of Made in Italy.

This is a very innovative project in the field of learning foreign languages ​​and cultural and economic promotion, recognized as “particularly deserving” by the PA 2018 Forum in the context of the “Sustainable PA Award. 100 projects to reach the goals of the 2030 Agenda “in the category” Human capital and education “.

With “ItaliAmo” we wanted to create an innovative product to allow an increasing number of international students to discover the artistic and cultural richness of our territories and get closer to the beauty of the Italian language.

Below and in the attachment you will find links to directly download the App.